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Certification for export

Certification for export
  for U.S.A. In 1999, we acquired HACCP certification via approval from SGS.
  for EU In 2015, after acquiring domestic certification as a Handling Facility of Marine Food Products for Export to the EU, we completed registration with the EU.

Product specifications

Product specifications
All of the products are only fresh.
Unit and peace weight is merely is a measure.
Whole Round
Head and organs intact.
Unit weight
 July to Sept. : 3.0-4.5kg(6.6-9.9lb)
  Oct. to June : 5.0-6.0kg(11.0-13.2lb)
Export target area : Southeast Asia
G&G(Gilled & Gutted)
Head intact, organs removed.
Unit weight
 July to Sept.: 2.5-3.5kg (5.5-7.7lb)
  Oct. to June: 4.0-5.0kg (8.8-11.0lb)
Export target area : Southeast Asia
H&G (Headed & Gutted)
Head and organs removed.
Unit weight
 July to Sept.: 2.2-3.2kg (4.8-7.0lb)
  Oct. to June: 3.6-4.4kg (7.9-9.7lb)
Export target area:USA, EU, Southeast Asia
Quantity per one Carton:3 fishes
Carton Size:704mm*413mm*230mm 
Fillet(Skin intact)
Cut into three slices. Gills and intestines intact.
Piece weight
 July to Sept.: 1.0-1.5kg (2.2-3.3lb)
  Oct. to June: 1.5-2.0kg (3.3-4.4lb)
Export target area: USA, EU, South East Asia
Quantity per one Carton:6 piece
Carton Size:704mm*413mm*230mm 
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